Steve Usher, Deputy Editor, Aqua-Media International Ltd - 15th June 2017

As organisers and hosts of the HYDRO series of international conferences and exhibitions we have welcomed contributions to the small hydro sessions, including regular session chairing, from David and Gordon for many years. These sessions have always received very positive feedback from delegates. Since the founding of Leaning Hydro, David and Gordon have also been delivering interactive workshops to high-level international delegates that provide focused content for the complete design and siting of small hydro plants in real world locations. The enthusiastic uptake of the training provided by Learning Hydro has prompted the announcement of additional workshops and we look forward to working closely with David and Gordon in the future to continue our collaboration in Europe, Africa and Asia.  
Simon Hamlyn, CEO, British Hydropower Association - 16th May 2017

The British Hydropower Association [BHA] has been offering a two-day hydropower training course since 2013, providing an excellent introduction to the technology and its application and a broader knowledge of the requirements and implications of developing a hydro scheme. 

To date the BHA has run twelve 2-day courses [all of which include site visits] across the UK attended by a wide range of delegates, including site operators and those new to hydropower, to environmental regulators and government officials. 
The total number of delegates attending courses has totalled around 150 and formal delegate feedback after each course is consistently positive.
Overall the course content regularly meets delegate objectives, where the following subject areas were felt to be the most important; technical background, site visits, technical and engineering aspects, group tasks, grid connections and the worked example – ‘putting learning into practice’.

The value to the BHA of the training courses delivered by David Williams and Gordon Black cannot be underestimated. These courses provide a professional added value offer to BHA members that delivers value-for-money, high quality industry training that is unavailable anywhere else. 

Adam Martin, Berkley Energy, Kenya. 
(Participated in the Small Hydropower Workshop at AFRICA 2017 in Marrakech, 13th March 2017)

'I attended the Small Hydropower Workshop and found it covered a very broad spectrum of aspects needed in the development of small hydropower; from analysis of hydrology resource to issues that could be encountered on development.'

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